2000 Annual Report

11,000 AES people responded to queries about our purpose and AES core values of integrity, fairness, social responsibility, and fun. They were a pleas...

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cell sites, improve coverage in our service areas and add flexibility to our .... Western. North Carolina. MSAs. Asheville. Knoxville. RSAs. North Carolina 2.

Nov 22, 1995 - ing with them a wealth of security, development, marketing, sales and ...... as modified by SOP 98-4 and SOP 98-9, we recognize revenue upon:.

Mar 31, 1999 - The Super Single™ rig's pipe arm eliminates drillpipe handling by roughnecks with a ... But today, Precision's batwing rig assembly – in which the rig's two arms swing out to ...... are indicative of the improved business fundament

SPOT PRICE: The price paid for gas, oil or oil products sold under contracts for ... natural gas was generated in the process of coal formation and adsorbed into.

ork/San Francisco Selected Photography: John Rae F-22 Photograph Credit: A viation. W ..... operation into Motion Control's low-cost, state-of-the-art facilities in.

of the best companies to work for in the food industry. W e have one of the ...... m e mber local volunteer programs; national sponsorship of. Operation Frontline ...

Alma Küchen, The Alvic Group, The. GMU Group, The Moores Group and ... income and earnings per share for the full year. 2000. Financial highlights include:.

Jan 4, 2001 - over 735,000 customers through a local distribution system located in ...... dollar resulting in a $4.3 million negative adjustment to the CTA.

Nov 15, 1990 - gas marketing businesses of both Columbia Energy Services .... First, it's a high growth business, with industry-wide sales increases of about ...... puter Software Developed or Obtained for Internal Use” (“SOP 98-. 1”), which ..

people and the continual evaluation and improvement of process will ensure we ..... products in more than 160 countries worldwide, and the distribution ...