The San Pedro–Cerro Grande volcanic complex

Jul 28, 2005 - diameter and are slightly darker in color than the host rock. ...... Structural geobarometers for basic to acid, tholeiitic and mildly ...

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flow tuffs, pre-caldera rhyolites, the Tala tuff (R, I), and intra-caldera lacustrine deposits. The San .... sured using a Molspin fluxgate magnetometer system. Fig. 5.

basculan a la secuencia volcánica terciaria (32-27 Ma). Estos diques muestran sus raíces en las formaciones riolita San Miguelito e ignimbrita Cantera y están ...

tures and chemistry of the lava flows, the juvenile blocks .... green welded ignimbrite, and a series of indurated block- ...... Notes on the 1902 eruption of Santa.

and ash flows resulting from collapse of sections of that dome (Smithsonian Institu- tion, 1998 ... the adult males had been severely injured due to intraspecific fighting. After 4 .... Ranges IV: Software for analysing animal location data. Institut

chemical analysis of the lavas and described them as K-me- dium qz-normative ... Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and by instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) (Ba, ...... HALSOR, S. P. and W. I. ROSE, 1988. Common character-.

origin of the CAVA is related to the subduction of the Cocos plate beneath .... Primary road ..... 17.3. 15.7. 16.5. 10.7. 15.5. 16.2. 17.6. 13.0. 17.6. Ce. 34.0. 34.0. 33.0. 33.0. 24.0 ...... We acknowledge the reviews by G. Carrasco and an anony-.

SIBYLL 2.1 and QGSJET01 (both with GHEISHA 2002) all embedded in CORSIKA. • also for different low ..... Andreas Haungs. Discussion / Question / Exercise.

Main parts of the experiment are the Grande array spread over an area of 700 × 700m2, the original KASCADE ... of the apparatus, shower reconstruction methods, and first results will be given. Introduction ... The outer 12 clusters of the KASCADE ar

hints to a too less muon number predicted by the. Monte Carlo simulations (QGSJET II) or an insuf- ficient description of the muon energy spectrum in.

2 Instituto de Geología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Departamento de Geología .... to a maximum principal stress (σ1) orientated N70°E, a.